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This page offers the complete list of industrial brands available in our e-commerce.

ICDC offers industrial components to the B2B sector and the same standards to B2C customers as well:

Speed of service: orders placed on our website by 11.30 am (CET) are processed and ready to ship within the same working day in one of our logistic centers; ICDC guarantees the highest standard of transportation performance having selected DHL as a solo partner for all our shipments, both in terms of shortest transit time and track & trace of your goods.

Quality of world-class products: ICDC offers components and spare parts made by the most popular industrial EOM, the world leaders in industrial automation, electronics for energy management, oil & gas, parts for intra-logistic handling, or spare parts for plants and production lines, on a continuous cycle too.

To make your search easier, ICDC divided all products by brand, which you find herewith or by product categories: Electromechanical, Electronic, Hydraulic, Lighting, Electrical, Mechanics, Pneumatic, Oleodynamic, Electric Radiator, Refrigeration, Thermodynamic and Ventilation.

All our categories has been divided into tier-2 sub-categories, to improve the search by types of components, such as solenoid valves, gearmotors, pistons, cylinders, limit switches, electric motors, encoders, electrical resistors, operator panels, filters, rotary joints, pressure switches and much more. Online stock quantities are real time updated in our ERP system.

All components in stock are new, original and ready to be shipped all over the world with our partner DHL Express, but if your problem is a so-called “machine down!”, it’s an emergency and the delivery must be ad hoc and immediate, with a dedicated transportation service: our logistic and shipping partners can guarantee this type of coordination and service by accessing ie to next flight-out services or get to the destination with their own fleet of trucks. Join Us and Try our Service!