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ICDC Srl sells brand new and original SMC components and spares, for a wide variety of applications, including Electromechanical, Mechanics and Pneumatic and several others.

SMC Corporation is an American producer of pneumatic components. The company has 35 manufacturing plants throughout the world. All plants have obtained ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 140001 Environmental Management System accreditation. Additionally, the company complies with the RoHS and REACH requirements regarding the use of hazardous materials and chemicals. SMC manufactures a huge range of products like sensors, cylinders, electrovalves and more.

Please check if our inventory matches your needs and for additional information or technical datasheets, please contact us via email or call our 24/7 service centre.

Components made by SMC

All displayed components and spares are in our inventories, including parts for Electromechanical, Mechanics and Pneumatic. Your orders will be ready to ship within 24/48 hours and delivered all over EU with DHL Express.

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SMC - 186255 - Connector

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SMC - 2028348 - Connector

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SMC - 2031967 - Connector

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