Order Entry Management: ICDC is an ecommerce, and we allow our customers to freely register, place orders and select the payments according to the timing and more convenient methods, on a self-service basis.

Online order intake to shipping is a fully automated process.

Upon specific request, ICDC offers dedicated services for out of standard needs, including order creation, data entry and selection customization: manual services are charged individually, a fixed fee of € 22,50 per selected service.

Minimum Order Quantity: For products with low unitary cost, a minimum quantity is required per single order and delivery. On demand, ICDC offers the option to manually manage orders for smaller quantities, at a Logistic and Administration fee of € 33,00 per order.

Proforma Invoices: Both in CART and CHECK-OUT pages, ICDC offers an automatic proforma invoice service, at CHECK-OUT it includes all data from Billing section. Proforma invoices with specific requirements are manually issued for orders exceeding € 1.000,00.

Shipping terms: ICDC Srl sells on DAP Incoterms® 2020 basis. This is ICDC default, integrated in our fully automated order process, from order intake to delivery. Click to visit our dedicated section.

Alternative Incoterms® 2020:

  • DDP Incoterms® 2020 is not viable option.
  • Ex-works/FCA Incoterms® 2020: on a case by case preliminary appraisal and for orders exceeding € 1.000,00, this term can be valued; due to its Logistics and Admin impact in terms of manual handling extra-costs, a fixed fee of € 42,00 is charged on order. Click to visit our dedicated section.