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Labor Security System Srl is a team of people with the mission to create the safest laboratory cabinets, assuring your and your colleagues safety and protection in hospitals, chemical and all  research laboratories.

Thanks to the work of his professional team operating on daily’s base with expertise, reliability and precision, Labor Security System has become a certainty, a point of reference and a guarantee of quality for its customers and partners.

LSS Team: long term professionals with deep know-how, from risks sizing to solutions.

Our Safetybox® products are the result of listening to the customer’s needs and knowing the safety regulations in force. The most suitable and innovative materials are carefully researched during the product development stages to achieve a more efficient and performing result.

abor Security System has a long history of experience, commitment and solid shared values. We wish to make customers feel safe, protected from the risks that may occur within the laboratories.

Presenting ourselves to our customers with a reliable and certified product represents a cornerstone of the company philosophy.

Through well-defined procedures we are able to guarantee high quality products in full compliance with the regulations and thanks to product traceability we can provide precise and timely after-sales support to customers.

Our customers, hailing from all countries across the world, have allowed us to grow and expand, to evolve into an international reality.
Professionalism governs our everyday work, and we assign great importance to company values to get closer to our goal: provide safety to all laboratories storing dangerous substances.

In order to assure users the maximum in terms of safety and quality, we have always made use of highly qualified suppliers. We have created lasting relationships with our suppliers built on trust and collaboration. It is these active and productive collaborations initiated with partners and collaborators which allow us to look to the future with ambitious goals, to be achieved together.

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